To RAFALE,With Love :Too Bad You are an AIRCRAFT & Not A Tennis Player



The House discussed Rafale,

Who doesn’t love Nadal?

Rafa is a Mallorcan,

A deranged MP screamed France!

Didn’t France just win the Cup?

Macron tipped Rahul

Who’s gone Gandhi

Screaming about Rafale,

Macron is not Spanish,

Is France in Africa yet  ,

Or Africa now in France?

Is France Africa ,or Africa France ?

Didn’t Africans just win the Cup?

Macron is French, Macaroni Italian,

Rahul is Indian, Raul Vinci Italian,

This is all very Lionel Messi.

Messi plays for Barcelona,

Yet Messi is not Spanish.

Messi speaks Spanish.

This is all so Messied up.

Neither is Ronaldo Spanish,

But he has played for Madrid,

The other Ronaldo was Brazilian,

Christiano Ronaldo is Portuguese,

Didn’t Portugal rule Brazil ?

Brazil didn’t win this Cup,

Africa did,

No,Africa did not,

France did.

Didn’t a Serbian just win Wimbledon ?

I saw Macron jumping and dancing,

I saw Rahul hugging and winking,

Macron hugged that Croatian babe (President),

Rahul must have hugged Macron,

Did France beat Croatia to win the Cup,or did Africa ?

Didn’t Rafael play Novak in the semis?

Novak’s pap is a Montenegrin,mother a Croat,

Yet Novak is a Serbian,

Wimbeldon has gone to Serbia,

World Cup Football to France,

Then why is Rafale coming to India? 

Two Leaders,

Rahul and Macron,


Believe Rafale is French,

 Federer shall swear that Rafael is Spanish,

Uncle Toni will inform you he is from Mallorca.

And born on June3,1987.

Rafans want to hammer into your head

That he is the GOAT.

I know it is bipedal and not a Goat,

Spaniards loves Rafael Nadal the most,

Just wait till Rahul visits them at night as ghost.



#RafaelNadal #Macron #RahulGandhi #Serbia #NovakDjokovic

#Rafale  #Mallorca #Spain #France






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  1. Ritesh says:

    Super . Flair


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