Tommy,the Pitbull

Eleven misguided perverts left the world a better place last month by hanging themselves to death in pursuit of spiritual bliss. I welcomed their suicides considering that such people would only have polluted more minds had they lived longer. They would surely have corrupted the air,water and earth that came in contact with them. In any case who am I to judge? Their lives,their choices.


But one of their deeds demands that I use expletives whenever I refer them in any discussion. Even in death, I wont spare them my abuses. Their supremely selfish and evil treatment of their pet dog,Tommy, has made me question their humanity.


Not only did these suicidal bastards chain Tommy to the terrace grill from which the dead hung themselves ,but also gagged his mouth so that he could not moan or cry or bark. Imagine the misery of a pet with his mouth stuffed and being forced to witness eleven psychos,whom he considered as his friends, committing harakiri. After that he was forced to watch and remain in the presence of their corpses which kept hanging for a long time till the Burari Bhatias/ Chundawats were discovered by cops. It is not enough to badmouth the one who tied him ,but the role of the other family members, especially of the kids who could have been kinder to the poor thing, must also be questioned. They could have left him in a jungle,or in a different city or might have just turned him out. Even shooting him point blank would have amounted to less cruelty.


But they chose Tommy to be the witness of this sordid saga,and suffer for it. They must have expected their father’s and five other souls (about whom that crazy weirdo Lalit Bhatia wrote in his diary)  to arrive  through the terrace ,and free them of their physical bodies which hung on the grill. Tommy must have been chained there as part of some perverse ritual, as a protector against evil souls, or something more fucked up which I cant conceive of. Despite a very high fever as a result of shock and trauma, dehydration and hunger, Tommy hung on.Finally he has perished to cardiac arrest after being under rehabilitation for two weeks.


Here was a fine black pitbull who had been with Bhatias for about five-six years and this is how they expressed their love for him. This is one big reason why I don’t advocate petting of dogs or any animal.They are aawaras, or loiterers by nature. One gaze at their contented faces as they roam aimlessly from pillar to post, hang out with their street buddies , barking their hearts out and I am convinced that petting of dogs is an inherently cruel practice. Selfish humans don’t just stop at making dogs their drawing room accessories.They  exhibit  true nature of their master-servant relationship by exerting complete control over their pets’  sex lives. In the name of hygiene,pedigree and safety ,they don’t allow their pets to realize their destinies by mating with their loved ones. Many (dare I say,most) get their canines castrated,and feel jubilant about it.The vileness of this deed abhors me no end. Why would anyone want to keep a living being forever caged inside his house ? Why would a right thinking individual mutilate his loved beings’ sexual organs ?What kind of predatory love is this ?

Lalit Bhatia did no better.His family treated Tommy as their private property. Those expressing grief at Tommy’s death should at least not show their anthropomorphist bias now by hinting that Tommy was a member of the Burari family.

No Sir,he was a proud ,black Pitbull,who succumbed to the poor treatment he received at the hands of humans who had enslaved him.

Long Live Tommy !

May all Dogs be freed of Slavery soon !

I consider it my solemn duty to free all pets. I urge all of you owners to let them be free.


#tommythepitbull  #burari #pitbull




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