Lynching is not Enough, the Corpse must be Hanged (A Lament)

“Capital punishment should be outlawed,

Sacrilege should be punished with death!

Get us more protection under the laws,

Let us then enforce these laws ourselves.”          (the irony is lost on the liberal who declares this)

Their Books apparently preach tolerance,

The Believers are petty and vengeful,

To always play victims, yet lynch others

With hypocritical impunity!  

Sections have been slapped against the corpse,

He did not have to succumb to beatings,

Certainly not inside the sanctum,

How shall bloodstains be wiped off the floor?

Murderers walk about with puffed chests,

Some political careers have been launched,

Harvest shall be good in the elections,

What a season to cause disturbances!

The mob now wants to hang the corpse as well,

Desecration hasn’t been avenged enough,

“The attempt, a lame one, and thwarted….

Message had to be sent, a chilling one!”

No words of sympathy for the dead,

No jobs, no money is forthcoming.

No court has taken suo moto notice,

No one has even condemned this killing.

Stay off such precincts where death looms large,

If not as protest, to preserve yourself,

Taste not such fruits of fake compassion,

Irrigated with blood of the helpless.          


#lynching #goldentemple #amritsar #punjab #elections2022 #sacrilege #desecration #mob #hanging #capitalpunishment #englishpoetry #poem #lament #irony #impunity

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