The Existential Stasis (Poem)

Sun is sinking into the ashtray of night,

Moon shall bring with it cups of delight,

With light shall disappear matters mundane,

Darkness might encourage hope unrestrainted.

Cares of the day are reborn as nightmares,

Daydreams manifest as demons unhinged,

What I consume is what I have become,

What I have become remains undefined.

Sayonara Sun! until we next meet,

No businesses to attend remain,

Wind blows hard but has nowhere to reach,

Impatient Stars wait with dance of gloom,

Seconds tick and minutes rush past, but Hours,

Oh Hours, why are they frozen in time?

Glasses get filled and glasses get emptied,

Hands that hold them do hardly ever move.

#englishpoetry #poems #Englishpoem #ashtrayofnight #Cupsofdelight #frozenintime #sun #moon #

#abhinavpancholi #recital

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