The Essence of Al Pacino (Poem)

Of Al’s fire and the baritone,

What can I say?

The gaze as intense as his

might singe dry hay.

The man moves like a gazelle,

Still the best in the fray,

Let him talk and talk to make his point,

Just shoot away.

The air in his lungs,

The power in his voice,

The vehemence with which AL explodes,

Megawatts of charisma emanates

from a frame as slight as Chaplin’s,

Bonaparte’s sense of purpose masks

the menace that Pacino exudes.

Of clear diction, and his Shakespearean characters,

Perfection holds the court,

The roles he’s essayed,

The lives he’s portrayed,

Howsoever heavy does the crown weigh,

King Al has always found his own way.

#al #Pacino #ALPACINO #baritone #englishpoem #poetry #tribute #hollywood #fanboy #alpacinofan

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