The FALL of ROY- An Obituary for Andrew Symonds (Poem)

( I wrote this poem in 2009. Pup had refused to stand-by Symo, and the latter was sent home by the Australian team management. His career seemed to be as good as over.)

Warnie’e era was over, the Pigeon had flown,

The explosive Gilly retired, giant Haydos gone,

Suckers took over the Cricket Down Under,

High on rhetoric, devoid of thunder,

Bacchus’ demons then captured Roy’s broken soul,

The warrior turned a drunkard, caused everyday a brawl.

The Obnoxious Weed’s racist taunts went unpunished,

The victim’s cries for help passed away unnoticed,

One day, Symo went fishing and lost his spot,

Punter called for discipline at every cost,

Pup did not stand by his dear, old mate,

Stabbed him in the back, when he did not expect.

Lethal with the willow, lenient with his drinks,

A wily bowler with superb instincts,

Acrobatic on the field despite his size,

Twice winner of the cricket’s ultimate prize,

Unceremoniously, tragically, fell Andrew Symonds,

Australia’s unpolished ,crazy, coloured diamond.

*OBNOXIOUS WEED- Harbhajan Singh (with ref. to Monkeygate)

*Punter- Ponting

*Pup- Michael Clark

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  1. Seriously? Is the naked guy from the picture real? Or was it photoshopped?🤔


    1. abpunch says:

      He is real, not photoshopped

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