An Ode to the Blonde Conjuror of Leather-ball Tricks (For Warnie!)

Records drew the contours,

Charisma filled-in colours,

Bamboozled by his craft,

Magic was lent by charm. (4)

The promise of ball in flight,

Realized in dip or drift,

Beautifully it then ripped,

The woodwork lay shattered. (8)

Crunch brought out his best,

The Showman came alive,

He always had one more trick,

Forever carried that smile. (12)

He doesn’t breathe but still lives,

Inside your heart and mine,

Now let the Wizard rest,

The legend shall grow with time. (16)

#shanewarne #ripwarnie #rip #Shane #Warne #Australia #CA #drift #leatherball #cricket #ICC #BCCI #master

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