You’re born when the umbilical’s cut,

Welcomed into this world as ‘free’,

Then spend a lifetime getting shackled,

Remain chained to it eternally,

To that which gives identity. (5)

You long for freedom but accept

controls over your destiny,

You aim to run, and wish to fly,

Float where wind takes your lazily,

But get anchored, oh, so needily! (10)

The sham of duty, the scam called love,

The trap is laid so brazenly,

You submit to what life demands,

Get stuck in the vows of loyalty

to nation, religion, family. (15)

#englishpoem #poem #poetry #englishpoetry #shackles #umbilical #umbilicalcord #existentialcondition

#slave #enslave #sham #scam #duty #family #religion #nation #anchor

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