Who is in Charge? (Poem)

The sun has set, now I sit down,

Gaze thoughtlessly at scattered clouds,

The sight gets lost in hilly tracts,

still basking in the afterglow.

I sink into a goddamned couch,

watch the horizon disappear,

It is all transient, I realize!

Blow out warm breath in resignation.

Mist, darkness, mad chirping of birds,

The great hollow,the vast expanse,

The whole tedium of dusk enervates,

I feel lonelier than ever before.

The hand drops down the rest, gropes

around desperately for solace.

Fingers encircle a glass rim,

I tilt my shoulder to pick it up.

The amber touches my lips,

Fatigue and frustration disappear,

Everything begins to make sense,

I’m back in charge again.

Sweet stupor brings back memories,

The departed now surround me,

Good old days of glory and frolic,

Some ended well, some disastrously.

#englishpoem #poem #poetry #stupor #clinteastwood #crymacho #milo #charge #expanse #evening #dusk


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