At two sets down, and out of sorts,

Meddy asked, “What would Novak do?”,

The bumpkins of Melbourne didn’t like,

What else could they do, but ‘siuuu’. (4)

No way would Nole ever give up,

Djoker shall always find some way,

He shall keep coming back at you,

His spirit cannot be wished away. (8)

On every point, for every inch,

Toil he shall, shed blood, tears, sweat,

As long as you haven’t won three sets,

His comeback is a constant threat. (12)

He can turn it into street brawl,

On your good and his very bad day,

He has to be vanquished on the court,

You can’t win in any other way. (16)

Down two sets matter not to him,

Down two breaks in a set either,

What does count is the fight at hand,

Nole knows not how to surrender. (20)

He will fight at fifteen-forty,

He is not beaten at love-five,

Nerves of steel and a lion’s roar,

His self -belief is sky high. (24)

Stay put, jostle, make it tough,

It is not over until you quit,

Test your mettle against his patience,

Turn this into a battle of grit. (28)

Don’t say that this didn’t prove enough,

Was deported nevertheless,

Detained despite having papers,

They turned it into legal mess. (32)

He fought in court to step on the court,

The crooks ganged up against the One,

Do not forget what Judge Kelly said-

“What more could this man have done?” (36)

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#whatmorecouldthismanhavedone #australianopen #AO2022 #deportation #detention #covid #omicron

#poem #judgekelly #daniilmedvedev #medvedev

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