Just Before the Dawn Breaks (Poem)


Crickets are conspicuous by their silence,

Frogs have long lapsed into inactivity,

There is yet time for before the crowing begins,

Restive is the monotony of darkness!


Dawn is yet to break, but I am awake,

Bustle of engines fills the emptiness,

Some still feel the need to honk at this hour,

Screeching tyres provide comic relief.


Dogs shall bark their way into the morning,

What gets triggered in cocks in unison?

Fingers on my scalp rub ideas into warmth,

I count my breath and listen to the clamour,

The pen runs on paper to commit it down,

I get up from the chair and begin to walk,

Lingering moments suddenly rush past,

Squeaky footsteps welcome the rising Sun.


A feller in a tower screams for His God,

Dare you now call this ungodly hour!

#dawn #predawn #morning #crickets #frogs #screeching #bustling #engines #squeaky

#englishpoem #poem #poetry #recital

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