Who does not want Freedom? (Poem)


Who does not want to hop upon a bus,

leaving for destination unknown?

Who does not want to be swept by waves,

receding back into infinite ocean?

Who does not feel like walking on empty roads,

headed nowhere, but where you wish to go?

Who does not wish to float with black clouds

and fall back to earth as drops of rain?

Who does not crave for the smell of sea

to fill the nostrils and soak his being? (10)

Who does not wish to escape captivity?-

The tyranny of locks, keys and shackles.

The expectations of the family.

Narcissism of the insatiable nation.

Relentless demands placed by religion. (15)

If to break free is Dharma, why does soul

not rush out of the prison named body?

Or is soul the master, body only a slave?

Body serves as a blanket that withers

with time and falls off, the soul stays.

Soul might wrap itself in a different hide

or remain formless while keeping the idea

of unborn, eternal, primeval alive. (23)

#guantanamo #gitmo #cuba #freedom #dharma #soul #body #nirvana #moksha #bus #waves

#clouds #spiritualquest

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