Ivory Towers V. Summer Vacations (Poem)


Officers live in Ivory Towers,

Jurists hide inside their Black Coats,

Ignorance inhabits Secretariats,

But who is in Summer Vacation mode? (4)

Kisans are still squatting on borders,

Mazdoors are in transit on roads,

Netas live in prayers and curses,

Are doctors and nurses our only hopes? (8)

The living are confined within their homes,

Escaping records, some corpses in rivers float,

Anguish is embedded in broken hearts,

Fear has gripped the very human core.   (12)

Poverty dwells in poors’ minds,

On social media, receive help galore,

Bigotry now resides in everyone,

Empathy has left our beloved shores. (16)

Has it followed the black money trail?

Or could bear our hypocrisy no more?

What sound emanates from empty vessels?

Do this. Don’t do that. Stand on your bloody toes. (20)

#ivorytower #summervacation #officers #jurists #blackcoats #secretariat #kisan #mazdoor #poverty #covid

#blackmoney #empathy #englishpoetry #poems

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