WATCHING THEM AGAIN- For the Sake of Love


First viewings pass by like sea breeze. One hopes that the Second viewing shall bring rains, as the Westerlies do. Sometimes, they do leave one flooded with joys of rediscovery. Many a times, high expectations are not met, and tedium sets in. The repeat always carries that risk.

The eagerness of the first union is already gone. If the debut intercourse had been rewarding, one revisits to recreate that magic. Sometimes, the viewer feels let down because the pace now begins to seem sluggish. One is already aware how events shall play themselves out. Performances have already been admired enough. Background score and Cinematography have been noticed and absorbed in the initial watch itself. In the second attempt, one expects to pay attention to the interplay, the dialogues, the layered hidden-meanings and the general themes. Certain gaps are to be filled. Some moments have to be visited again. The second viewing has to be savoured, to be kept in the memory for record’s sake.

James Gandolfini kept haunting and called me back to the Sopranos. Women in Mad Men were just too ravishing to avoid bestowing repeat attention. Yes Minister is a compulsive course on public life, and British humour, hence irresistble. Breaking Bad’s crystal meth are its characters- Heisenberg, Jessie, Hank, Saul Goodman, Gus and Mark Ehrmantraut. They have demanded the current reviewing. Ramayan, Mahabharata and Bharat Ek Khoj are timeless classics which can be watched any number of times. Game of Thrones is still too fresh to revisit. None of the rest lived up to the mark- the wisecracks in Friends was too contrived, Sherlock seems too cocky for its own good and Prison Break’s lucky breaks are insufferable.  

After having watched them for the second time, a fan becomes an expert on the subject, and is not far from being converted into a zealot. Infatuation is now replaced with deep, abiding love and reverence. One has invested time and energy in the process. Many viewing hours have been sacrificed. Some other films or series on the watch list have been put on the backburner. They should award degrees based on the number of viewings- graduation for the first attempt, masters for the second. Someday, the tribute stage shall arrive. That should entitle one to a doctorate. Doctor in Breaking Bad – I like the sound of it!

I became a Graduate of Breaking Bad in 2012. It took me nine long years to apply for the Masters. During this long interregnum, I watched five seasons of Better Call Saul, and El Camino, the Breaking Bad film. In my second viewing, I have completed the Season One course already. Four more seasons, and I shall be flaunting my Post-grad degree. The love for Walter White and the irritation with Jesse Pinkman are already overflowing. Gus, Mark and Saul Goodman have not yet arrived. Confirmation of greatness is more satisfying than the initial anticipation. Good choice, I pat myself, and keep going.

Observation- The initial viewing occurred in binge, and episodes went past like coaches of a speedy train. The second watch is more relaxed, and spacing out the episodes seems more rewarding. Is that normal?


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