Trite Questions : The Pointlessness of it All(A Poem)

Every morning asks the same questions-

Will I witness some magic today?

Did any miracle happen last night?

What is the point in carrying on?

Inertia has made drudgery bearable,

Fear doesn’t let me take the leap. (6)

Every morning I end up concluding-

Life is not a product of my will,

I exist for the ecosystem,

Breaths are triumphs against imminent collapse,

So much could go wrong but hardly does,

Misery has to be savoured, so I live. (12)

My life is not a bird that might lay eggs,

Wherefrom shall wings grow to make me soar high,

I jump from heights to sink in terror,

Always so restless in my own hide,

I’m wide awake till the bubbles burst,

The bottle gets popped to release life. (18)

#morning #dark #questions #bubbles #suicide #life #death #chance #drudgery

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