The Right Age to Go is Now

The lad died too young.

They exclaimed about SSR.

He was thirty-four. (3)

Fifty-three is not yet ripe.

Not quite an age to go.

They shed tears for Irrfan. (6)

He was just seventy-one.

Healthy, hearty and fine.

Should have served longer, Ahmedbhai. (9)

Diego has called it quits.

Maradona is dead at sixty.

Now they are flummoxed what to say?

World expected him to pop off at forty.

Fidel’s was the Hand of God that saved ,

Or was it just the love for his daughters? (15)

Shockingly, none can say ‘too soon!’

But to admit that he was on borrowed time

might invite a lot of contemptuous frowns.

Would be akin to imitating Donne-

Chiding death for not keeping time,

Mocking death for being random and respectful. (21)

#SSR #Diego

#maradona #diegomaradona #fidelcastro #argentina

#AhmedPatel #IrrfanKhan #johndonne #death

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