November 3-10: Organizized Trump V. Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden

Travis Bickle: One of these days I gotta get myself organizized.
Betsy: Organizized? Dont you mean organized?
Travis: No, organizized.
Betsy: Oh, like that sign that says “Thimk.”

                                                                                 (TAXI DRIVER,1976)

This could well be an excerpt from one of the Presidential debates, with Trump for Travis, and Betsy playing Biden. Although it is not, it does throw light on the respective personalities of the two hopefuls- one who believes in the ‘art of the deal’ as demonstrated in the Middle East, and the other who has spent a lifetime ‘thimking’, plagiarizing and promoting his son’s interests at the cost of his country’s.

(ref. Biden’s 1988 Presidential Campaign)

Armed with help from China, their virus, Lamestream media, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Antifa, left, liberals, Bolsheviks, radical Islamists, social media trolls, hooligans, arsonists, rioters, Russia and a tag, rag, and bobtail coalition of un-Americans, anti-Americans and anarchists, besides the traditional Democratic voters, Joe Biden looks all set to romp home. Or so say vested ‘liberal’ interests, aka Fake News.

If only it were that easy and straightforward, Crooked Hilary would have been seeking re-election in 2020, rather than DJT attempting that. On that note, it must be emphasised that not just Trump, but the US Presidential Election process also needs to organizize itself. IT beggars belief that US still relies upon ballot paper, despite electronic voting being legal. There is no Central body like the Election Commission which conducts elections, rather every state has its own sets of rules, regulations and machinery. It speaks a lot about the efficacy of this system that the incumbent President himself has accused his opponents of trying to indulge in electoral fraud, and has expressed reservations about foreign specifically Chinese) interference in the exercise.

The deeply divisive and ill-managed Elections of 2000 and 2016 are still fresh in the memory. While many believe that the ‘Neo-cons’ robbed Al Gore of the Presidency in 2000, the allegation of Russian hackers’ interference in favour of Trump in 2016 have not died down. The Republicans have been raising the spectre of Chinese meddling for quite some time. And hasn’t it already happened? Chinese Virus has kept Biden in the game. The former VP blames DJT for Covid-related mismanagement, but never has never once called out China for manufacturing and transporting this deadly bio-weapon.

The President has already declared that his campaign has assembled a battery of lawyers who are  ready to step into the battle as soon as possible, maybe on the election night itself. Trump wants final results to be declared on the election night itself, and aims to unleash his legal team to ensure that it happens. But these elections are far more complicated than even the previous ones.

96 million voters had already voted via early voting and mail-in votes till November 1. Considering that a total of 139 million votes were cast in 2016, 69 percent of those choices have already been made so far. In 2016, only 47 million votes were recorded before the election day. This year, because of corona-related fears and restrictions, and distrust of the postal authorities, heavy voting has already taken place. Trump would prefer his Republican voters to come out on the election day, and hence has repeatedly alleged electoral fraud in mail-ins and early vote (without substantiating his allegations). Why would he want it like that?

Because in many states, election day ballots would be counted first, followed by the early votes (which might take time). If results are to be necessarily declared on the election night, then the last day votes might come in handier than early votes. It is being predicted that the race is too close to call (despite so-called Advantage Biden), and the final result would depend on which way the three Battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona swing. Interestingly, the three battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin won’t begin counting early votes until the Election day (thereby delaying the declaration of results), whereas North Carolina and Arizona have already been counting and their results are likely to be called on the election night.

Given such complications, there is every chance that the electoral process might drag on for long, or that the elections might be or is already being stolen. Of course, the Democrats and their symapthizers insist that elections shall be over when all votes had been counted, and there was no compulsion to declare results in a tizzy. Trump obviously feels that it would be catastrophic if final results are not declared on the election night.

A conservative Supreme Court is expected to favour Trump, or so he expects, which is why he is quite bullish on the legal option. What is interesting is that the final results are always declared after 2-3 days, but it is the sections of the media that call the elections in favour of one or the other candidate on the basis of early leads and projections. The other candidate then concedes, and the US welcomes its new President.

But the role of liberal media has been highly partisan and anti-Trump in the last four years.  There is no love lost between a very truculent Trump and the ‘lamestream media’ and ‘fake news’, and who, in turn, have gone to the extent of totally blacking out allegations of corruption against the Bidens , as well as news of riots in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), lest they end up helping the Republicans.

Whatever happens on November 3rd and in the following week, there is bound to be violence in nooks, streets and corners of the States. Antifa and other violent groups are already salivating at the prospect of raising mayhem, while white supremacists are ready to strike back with vengeance. Trump has declared that he won’t concede and would mount legal challenges if he trails, neither has he committed to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. Biden’s thug coalition would also not take a defeat silently.  Brace yourself, for the War is coming.

A busy and burning US might not be able to play the international policeman in the coming week(s). Taiwan must be sweating at the prospect of a distracted US, as China can launch a misadventure in this period of US occupation. Even India must be wary during this period. The Chinese invasion in 1962 occurred between October 20th and November 20th and began during the Cuban missile crisis. With US out of the equation, some sort of swift action on either fronts cannot be ruled out. Which leads us to the inevitable conclusion- even India must organizize herself!

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