A Long Rant – On Djokovic Being Ruled Out (A Poem)

Footage finds the crime but did the ‘perp’ intend?

Oh! so grievously hurt ,the lady didn’t pretend!

Such better ways to fake it, Neymar left ashamed,

Rules mean rules only if they cannot be bent. (4)

Serena is never asked why she’s obliged to offend,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to defend

Novak, but would Fedal have been banned?

‘Code violation’ does exist, didn’t need to invent!   (8)

Would not lose to men but the ‘fall’ was pre-ordained,

This year of shocks and Death, of ominous portents,

Djokovic the champ, at Seventeen still stands,

Run was great till it lasted , but had to someday end. (12)

How is tennis being run is exposed in such moments,

Future is not safe in the hands of those running errands,

Players devote their lives, fans donate their blood,

Who makes such rules, have you ever wondered? (16)




#USOpen2020 #default #2020

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