Bangalore 4, Stand-up Comics 0

1.A Facebook post sent 60 policemen to hospital.

Stand-up comics are trying to find the joke.

2.The protest was peaceful.

A house was burnt.

Three people lost their lives.

The peaceful community showed remarkable restraint.

Stand-up comics didn’t get the joke.

3.We formed a chain and got clicked to save a temple from our own wrath.

Our pimps are now selling us as the best whores in town.

Stand-up comics are researching the names of our pimps.

4. You did not mock-save a Temple, assholes, you saved your own asses.

Pimps wont tell you the real tale.

Stand-up comics have already packed their bags and left.

Life does not have use for their jokes.

#kunalkamra #standupcomedy #BangaloreViolence #Bangalore

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