Mhara Rajasthan Ri Poem : Pilot V. Parakeet

A pilot wanted to fly away

in times of international ban.

A parakeet struck with his beak,

Forced the plane to crash-land. (4)

He knew not his destination,

His passengers were dismayed,

Marooned for forty days

with hotel bills unpaid. (8)

Kept waiting for moneybags,

They never turned up.

Maharani torpedoed the plan,

Oh, what a royal snub! (12)

The Pilot has now conceded

that the old Parakeet is his boss.

The Parakeet knows well

that the Pilot shall remain cross. (16)

With him mortally

for turning him into a joke.

The impetuous Pilot was destined

To, at the last hurdle, choke. (20)

Destiny never favours

those who plead for their dues.

For those who feel entitled,

Life finds no use. (24)

His wings now clipped,

His backers confounded,

Lord Jim has now

been for ever grounded. (28)


Screeched against the Pilot’s style,

The Parakeet decried his class,

Railed against his haste,

Hurled comments most crass. (32)

Bhaiya Didi Mama Mia

have brokered precarious peace

“Wait like a minion

Don’t clamour for your piece”. (36)

The squadron seems intact

with the rogues now returned.

The Parakeet has demo’ed his skills,

How much has the Pilot learned?  (40)

#rajasthan #pilot #parakeet #mamamia #resolved

#politics #politicalsatire

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