Thirst woke me up at two to four,

I pre-empted the bloody alarm,

Parched as a desert was my throat,

This rum hangover I’ve known before,

Besieged liver beseeched for help,

Gulped water glassfuls to ease overload,

Burped aloud and rushed through the door. (7)


Began running with hard strides,

Within two minutes flat I felt spent,

Two breathless lungs cried for respite,

Felt searing pain in both my sides,

Heart pumped blood like a steam engine,

Morning run had brought me no delight,

High time I swallowed some false pride.  (14)


As in life I settled for compromise,

Cut down my pace and began to walk,

From Bolt to geriatric Joe again,

I let myself fall to someday rise,

Wind caressing wet face now seemed cold,

Heart and lungs had no more complaints,

And then I beheld the glorious Sunrise. (21)


Surrounds were filled with scent of rain,

Twigs, leaves and branches adorned the road,

No flowers were for now in bloom,

A lazy cat yawned with mouthful disdain,

A shaggy dog out of habit approach,

Sundry birds unseen sang songs of gloom

My shoes made sounds of a passing train. (28)


To exert I’d broken the spell of sleep,

Not to fantasize on a drowsy road,

To run for life, from life, must sweat,

For the sake of health I wish to keep,

From the excesses of the evening past,

From a lifestyle that presents a threat,

Tomorrow shall I take a bigger leap

Of faith, and rush atop  a hill steep. (36)




#runforlife #runwithhangover #hangover



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