STREAMING  PLATFORMS : Mediocrities on Offer



I jump into streams,

To scour their beds.

Where is gold dust?

No classics are shared. (4)


No Bergmann fests,

Not Fellini’s best,

Where lies Bunuel buried?

Where has Kiarostami fled? (8)


In these waters only small fishes abound,

Not many valuables in flotsam are found,

Banks are flooded with easy catch,

What is in plenty is by streams retched. (12)


Stomachs swollen with indiscriminate hogging,                              (with ordinary films)

I’m still thirsty despite waterlogging,                                          (without watching Auteurs’ films)

What I aim to savour is not what I get to do,

Have I surrendered before streams without much ado?

Mediocrities everywhere,

Discard or avoid,                                    (discard ones which you’ve begun but seem ordinary)

Keep your scissors sharp,

Let critics be your guide.  (20)                           (great movies lists)


Scorsese’s, Eastwood’s do burn bright,

But all that glitters is not gold alright.

Pretentious ones shine like goldfish,

But not a speck of gold dust exists. (24)


If it is gold I seek,

Then Gold must I find,

Fishes and Prawns,

Shall never suffice. (28)


Easy catch makes for no feast,

Every served dish I must not eat,

Now it is a question of aesthetic pleasure,

Invoke the pirates,we shall sail for treasure. (32)


In deep seas where seeders thrive,

Let leeches suck ,let tastes survive,

With Bits and myus of torrents of rain,

Harvested Film Masters shall live again.

Ray, Adoor and Ghatak I’ll find,

Streaming platforms I’ll leave behind. (38)



#AbbasKiarostami #SatyajitRay #AdoorGopalakrishnan

#RitwikGhatak #Fellini #IngmarBergmann

#Netflix #StreamingPlatforms #Prime #Zee5

#SonyLiv #Hotstar #Hulu #Showtime



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