Ordeal finally over,

Six! gently screams,
The steadfast clock,
Disinterested, unconcerned,
The sincerely lazy lizard
Just sleeps off. (6)
Again, the sun sets,
Sets to rise again,
Rise in the same garb,
To perform the same job. (10)

Who pays the Sun?
Why does it burn?
Day and night,

East to west,

Whose race it runs?
Where is the smoke?
Stop the damn clock!  (17)

Sun obeys time,
Or time is run by sun?
Whirlpool in the chronological drain,
Where my dull life churns. (21)

Addicted to watching the languid reptile,
Reposing on my wall,

Sleeping through it all,

While ‘hands’ circle miles,
Even I have moved some files. (26)
Unending work!

Arriveth another stockpile. (28)
Enough! my soul revolts,
Enough for now, no more,
PUll curtains on this meaningless day,
Await me, frivolities galore. (32)
Languorous efforts at humour all fail,
In the vacuum of inactivity do we sail……..(We that is me n the Lizzardo named JUGGA)  (34)


Another joint rolled,
Another glass downed,
Might burn someplace else,
Forlorn, my Sun has drowned,
In the vast stretches of loneliness,
Who says he shrieked?
I never heard a sound.

Shall rise again ‘morrow,
The proud, obdurate orb,
At five, dutyful, dutybound. (10)

The blackness of void scares me,
The silence of the dark
shocks; bleeds the quietude
of this painful silence.

It makes no sense,

Gutted with Sun’s absence

Kill me! Kill the tyranny of time,
Iodine on my wounds,
Vanishes in thin air , sublimes! (19)
No thought to sleep with,
No toiling to get up for,
Than to rise with pain hangover
Is better to remain awake
In this paralysed stupor….(24)

Six! Written all over

The stopped clock’s face,(Stopped how? Why? By whom?)
Phlegmatic time follows its own pace. (3)
Up above the horizon,

Performing its duty,
Glows the blazing yellow sphere,
In all his splendour and beauty. (7)
I cursed aloud in sleep as I felt sunlight,  (falling on my face)
Back to business, this concludes the night,
The lizzard sleeps on idly,
Disinterested, unconcerned,
Only for the workaholics,
Does solar hydrogen burn,
Time is, time was, and time
Shall be forever
Blessed are those who live in stupor.
Slaves of time, rise! offer your labour,
Halted clocks can bring workers no favour . (18)






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