A flying kite,

The rising sun,

That beautiful face,

Her charm and grace,
My wandering mind,

Shall seek and find,

Every jewel that Lord has made,

Every joy that Priests forbade.  (8)


Sparring pigeons,

Cawing crows,

Grass, mushrooms,

Anything that grows,

MY roving eyes,

Never do rest,

Ever they shift,

In ceaseless quest. (16)


Wars and Words,

And Economics,

Science, statecraft,

Children’s comics,

I dip my beak in every pool,

In all subjects in each school,

But never do I have my fill,

Can Earth ever remain still?  (24)


Get tied to a tether,

Locked in a stable,

Narrow your focus,

Fix your locus,

“Specialize”, they say,

To gain recognition,

Give up your freedom,

For vague satisfaction. (32)







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