The Lord & His Toad

An orphaned nation was in search of a parent,

People were fed up of being ruled by a Regent. (2)


They craved for an Avatar to be born in their Age –

A Shepherd, their Saviour, some charioteer, a sage! (4)


Flung from the heaven for his fibs and fraud,

The pretender saw a stage and jumped overboard.(6)


“Hand me a chariot and a mandate to lie,

I promise to teach every one of you to fly.” (8)


Masses wanted to hear big words, high praise,

Thunder of trumpets ,and use of catchy phrases.(10)


People wished to buy big dreams at cipher cost,

He promised flights of fancy to every loser and lost. (12)


Using lights, soundbites, and pomp and show,

The puny got projected as the Colossus we know. (14)


Faced not a battle has this General Heaven–born ,

Never takes any question out of contempt and scorn. (16)



Orphans had bargained for a Sovereign Overlord,

Over time he has inflicted upon them his pet toad. (18)


The Toad is vicious, vindictive and vile,

Pits people against people with his venomous bile. (20)


Now saddled for eternity with the Lord and his Toad,

The nation has to learn to live with the overload. (22)






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