FISH or FLOWER – What Do You See & Who are you in MAHABHARATA ?



If you spot a fish as well as its eye in the picture, you are KARNA,

but only if you are debarred from taking aim at it.


If you have eyes only for the eye of the fish, you must be ARJUNA,

but only if Drona considers you as his pride.


If what you see resembles your lost thumb, you might be EKLAVYA,

but know that Drona was never your Guru.


If you want to utilize whatever is there for target practice, you must be DRONA,

but only if you crave someone else’s flowers and fishes and lands and gardens.


If you are bedazzled by the flower and want to possess its whole sight, smell and beauty for now and till eternity, you are DURYODHANA,

but only if you do not want anyone else to possess anything.


If you want to disrobe even the flower, DUHSHASANA resides inside you,

but only if you are a lackey of  Duryodhana.


If you want to eat the flower, you are definitely BHIMA,

but only if there is Draupadi to whom you should rather present it.


If you inclined to mock anyone who cannot see anything, you are DRAUPADI,

but only if you have five husbands and God himself to check reprisals that you invite.


If you know that you created the flower and the fish and the vase that holds them, you are KRISHNA,

but only if you speak in riddles and have a smile to explain everything.


If the sight of the flower motivates you to roll dice, you can’t be anyone but SHAKUNI,

but only if you have Pandavas to cheat and Kauravas to please.


If you don’t see anything yet want the flower as a trophy, you are DHRITHRASHTRA,

but only if you do not confide all your wishes with anyone.


If you choose not to see the flower, you are KUNTI,

but only if the flower is a secret as bright as Karna and hidden in plain sight.


If you want to pledge away the flower for now and forever, you must be BHISHMA,

but only if there is a slave who lives inside you who wants to serve some throne for now and forever.


If you want to utter if or but when asked what do you see ,you must be VIDURA,

but only if you have Bhishma who tolerates your points of order and  Dhrithrashtra whose blackness you do.


If you own the flower yet itch to gamble it away, who can you be but YUDHISTHIRA,

but only if you have Arjuna, Bhima and Krishna to win it back for you.


#Mahabharata #Arjuna #Karna #Krishna #Bhishma #Vidura

#Draupadi #Yudhisthira #Bhima #Dhrithrashtra #Kunti

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