The LOCKDOWN – Sundry,Simplistic Views


  1. Lockdown could have been postponed had the Government of India held protracted negotiations with the virus and bought some valuable time.

(A Liberal, always dumb)


  1. Not only is there no need for a Lockdown, its promulgation would in fact kill the economy.
    (A Conservative, ever hawkish & greedy)


  1. Lockdown is a pause, not a solution.

(A young leader, always revelatory but never meaty and very goofy)


  1. I don’t know if there was any other option to the Lockdown.

(A Fatalist, already resigned to fate)


5.Lockdown might have enjoyed the support of the Peacefuls had the CAA been withdrawn as a pre-condition.

(Any Peaceful, ever demanding & always aggrieved)


6.Lockdown could have been planned better if the Planning Commission was revived, stuffed with Leftist economists and given five years to plan it well.

(Another Liberal, always vile or juvenile)


7.Lockdown heralds the retreat of man, and regeneration of nature.

(A Green, forever optimistic)


8.Lockdown is God-given time and opportunity to increase the size of, or start your family.

(A Fertility Expert, always bullish on grabbing chances)


It won’t hurt to try.

(A Marriage Counsellor with a single solution to all global problems)


9.Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to fight your spouse and establish firm ground for divorce.

(A Divorce Lawyer, compulsive manipulator)


10.Lockdown can be the best practice for an eventual jail term if you are facing serious charges.

(A Life Coach, ever spiritual)


11.Lockdown is the name of my liberation from drudgery, bondage and mundane matters.

(A Government employee, realizing his existential position)


12.Lockdown is the last chance to liver, if you really want to save it from the excesses of alcohol.

(A Liver, happy with some respite)


13.Lockdown is the exposure of my redundancy at the work place.

(A Private sector employee, exposed before the family and at his office)


14.What Lockdown? Rules don’t exist for me.

(Any petty politician, confident on bribing the virus)


  1. Everyone must be tested during the Lockdown itself.

(An NDTV watcher, deliberately confusing India for Singapore or South Korea)


16.Everything that the authorities and medical experts are doing before, during and after the Lockdown is wrong, even ridiculous.

(A Compulsive Contrarian, suffers from chronic gastric trouble)


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#liberalvirus #leftliberal



#Chinavirus #CoronaVirus


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