Dhimmi , Dhimmi EVERYWHERE

Dhimmi, Dhimmi everywhere,
Not a drop of Dharma.
For pennies have pole climbers,
Withered away their Karma ?


Surrounded by an ocean
of wilful ignorance,
Willing to surrender,

and settle for compromise

on matters civilizational.

Apologetic , guilt-ridden,
Always unsure, ever unwise.


Centuries of servitude

has buried all attitude,

pride all evaporated,

Now saddled with crumpled souls,

Living in flogged hides,

Our culture is in chains,

Education received in alms,

Sense of history distorted,

Dhimmis never face qualms.


Whenever Indics try,

Secularists raise hue and cry,

Tormentors of the past scream,

Yet Dhimmis keep selling the dream

of harmony and peace,

of peace and harmony,

Come what may the price,

Want Dharmiks to beg and strive,

At every twist and turn

Capitulate, appease,

for sued compromise !  


#dhimmi #iihad #jaziya #tax #stockholmsyndrome #capitulate #compromise #appease #secularists #peace #clashofcivilizations #indics #dharma #dharmiks #karma

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