ROSES, In All Colours Sublime

A Poem in four paragraphs (32 lines) and some Roses’ photographs-

IMG_20200215_160251140                                              LILI MARLENE FLORIBUNDA ROSE

IMG_20200215_160939435                                                                 SADABAHAR ROSE

IMG_20200215_160519276                                                            CHARISMA ROSE

IMG_20200215_160831520                                                              SARATOGA ROSE

IMG_20200215_160714936                                                                  EBB TIDE ROSE

IMG_20200215_160856834                                                             BINDUBHASINI ROSE

IMG_20200215_161412004                                                                 HONEY DIJON ROSE

Roses, in all colours sublime,

Arraigned for stealing sunshine,

Arrayed for hoarding heavens’ hues,

For harbouring hubris undue,

For declining proposals heartfelt,

For mocking entreaties honest,

For knowingly committing these crimes,

Inflicting pain upon humankind . (8)

Buds, spread your petals wide,

Youth must someday subside,

Let me bask in your heavenly glory ,

Narrate my unrequited love’s story,

Maybe breathe your bewitching smile ,

Might as well lie with you awhile,

Swim in your sweetest of scents,

Applaud what you , my rose, represent.  (16)

As a gardener I would tend ,

Like a butterfly attend,

Be a bumble bee, and hover,

In this madhouse of flower shower,

Around your personage in Eden,

Worship you in every season,

Be the high priest in your shrine,

Behold your eternal beauty divine. (24)

If I cannot myself be Rose,

As a lover not hold thee close,

There is nothing left to demand,

Let me witness the spectacle grand,

To be aware of your perfect forms,

Tick-marks against conventional norms,

Be inspired enough for versus to flow,

Blessed to sing, and hail your glow. (32)

IMG_20200215_161839008                                                         BLACK BACCARA ROSE

IMG_20200215_161632376                                                            MINI-FLORA ROSE

IMG_20200215_162414130                                                            HIGH N’ MAGIC ROSE

IMG_20200215_161721042                                                                LAAL BAHADUR
















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  1. TravelerInMe says:

    That’s an awesome post dedicated to the Queen of Flowers, the roses!


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