Two minor shooting incidents have occurred in Delhi in the past one week .These are being touted as examples of rising Hindu terrorism ; aided and abetted by the so-called Hindu Majoritarian Nazi Government . Islamo-Bolsheviks  are desperately trying to draw parallels between those want to break India into pieces , and these ineffectual publicity hunters ,who fortunately could not even shoot straight  , despite having the advantage of surprise and thousands of available targets. Their project is to somehow prove that ‘not all terrorists are Muslims’ and ‘anyone can be a terrorist.’


Does the world , except the illiberal Bolshevik Establishments, comprising of hypocritical media and manipulative academics , care ?  Does the world have any right to feel offended or preach  to Indians who have suffered the agony of Partition, fought three wars, faced cross-border terrorism for past three decades and yet nurtured the tree of secularism and democracy ?


America witnessed 41 mass killings’ incidents (more than 4 casualties) in 2019 , killing 211 people. Gun-toting desperados are not unusual sights in the US. A seize of the kind happening at Shaheen Bagh , holding the National Capital of Delhi captive for past fifty days ,might have drawn any number of trigger-happy lone wolves out of their seedy dens in the US. Their global record in supplying arms, destabilising regions and unleashing violence is unparalleled. Its poodle, Britain, has been complicit in most of these war crimes , not to speak of the bloodied legacy of a hurried partition of India . China brought out tanks at Tiananmen against demonstrating students. Xinjiang is a case study in how to ruthlessly tame radical Islam . Yellow Vests’ Protests have rocked France over the past 15 months and have resulted in about 15 traffic-related deaths . Three persons were killed in Paris during three-week long Summer Riots in 2005. Most countries in Europe have witnessed numerous knife attacks and sexual crimes by Muslims in the past couple of years. Many incidents of counter-violence by Whites, in the form of vehicle-ramming attacks in crowded places and large gatherings, or gun attacks, have been reported. When hate spills over into streets, violence cannot be wished away. It is not as if India has been free of street or communal violence and that Hindus have just watched from the sidelines for past 70 years. Fake narratives peddled through planted stories in global media lack credibility , because stray incidents of violence are not enough to brand any religion as hateful, or any government as dictatorial.



BY any stretch , Shaheen Bagh is a dare, a provocation, a middle finger to Indian democracy, despite ubiquitous presence of the National Flag, sounds of National Anthem and copies of the Constitution . Citizenship Amendment Act was duly passed by both Houses of the Parliament. Judicial review is still under process. The Act is an enabling law , bestowing citizenship upon  persecuted people belonging to six minority religions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It does not propose to take away citizenship of any Indian citizen, be it Muslim or Christian, rather just aims to correct certain historical wrongs.


That being the case, how does one explain these subversive sit-in protests ? Do they not pose direct challenge to our Legislature, Executive and Judiciary ? Do they not mock rule of law in this country ? Since they block traffic, and cause practical inconveniences to people living in nearby areas, are they not provocative in nature ? Given that we have seen and heard visuals in which one can listen to slogans of Azadi being raised , is the situation not tempting for obsessive , misguided ,disturbed malcontents in both communities to jump into the fray and leave behind some  impressions. The blatantly Islamic and anti-State nature of the Protests is bound to provide fillip to counter-recruitment against the anti-CAA drive. Those who have read or heard about the communal partition of 1947 know where these agitations are headed.


Leftists, illiberals and Islamic pen-pushers, fake news peddlers and hate merchants are busy selling their anti-India and increasingly virulent anti-Hindu narrative in Washington Post, NYT, the Guardian, the Economist and other major western publications. This well-oiled Jihadist-Bolshevik machinery thrives on  spreading misinformation, indulging in  whatabouteries , drawing false equivalences between radical Islam and other communities , and presenting elaborate defence and apologies to justify acts of shame committed in the name of religion . The battle against Jihad must not be seen through West V India prism, rather from the truth V ‘vehement falsehood’ angle.


There is a reason why Hitler and Nazism are invoked ever so often . The excesses of Holocaust somewhat legitimized the demand for Jewish Homeland. The leftovers, the remnants, the progeny of left-behind parents of Pakistan (remember 87 pc of Indian Muslims in 1946  had voted for Muslim League which supported Partition) now feel emboldened enough to build a platform from which they want to raise the demand for another Partition. Pseudo-seculars might sing, dance, clap and support such fissiparous tendencies, but this ‘azadi’ shall remain a pipedream because Hindus have finally understood the game.


In the meantime, the Islamo-Bolsheviks shall keep pushing their ‘perceived grievances’ and these two minor incidents to the fore, in a bid to justify any future major jihadist violence, as also their desire to pull every other community down to their own base Jihadist-level. But three cheers must be raised for the legendary Hindu tolerance, which has held despite routine provocations from likes of Sharjeel , Ilyas or Owaisis . Ultimately, it is upto democracy to resolve  differences between communities, and that is how this standoff shall also be resolved.





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