Aye ,Aye Captain; Bye,Bye Captain


Balakot was a debacle,

Yet no one was blamed,

Kashmir ,a catastrophe,

No scapegoat got claimed. (4)


Global waters are choppy ,

Mr. Handsome gets retained,

Pakistan sensed some change,

Poor Saifi has been framed.(8)


Not after the World Cup,

Where the team was tamed,

Just Ahead of Mullah’s march,

New captains have been named. (12)


Rosary beads have saved him,

Or has the charm of lentils worked ?

Begum in that black tent ,

Has all his bases covered.(16)


Diktat was against Im,

Black magic changed the name,

Little serf (Sarfaraz) gets the boot,

Dim is still in the game.(20)

#ImtheDim #ImranKhan #HandsomePM #sarfarazahmed #pakistan

#balakot #Bushra #PCB



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