Impatient little toad ,

Curtly cut me short,

As I opened my mouth ,

To break deadlock,

To utter words inane,

When he brutally ordained

With a wave of his hand

“In brief, where do we stand ?”, (8)


I had nothing to say,

It was small talk anyway,

To fill silences deep,

To show I could keep

The show running ,

The hearth burning,

When  uncoiled his rapier tongue

Deep did his six words stung. (16)


Entitled by hierarchy,

Armed with age,

Soaring too high,

With calculated rage,

He cut me short,

Showed me my place,

What choice I have ,

But to embrace disgrace,

He owns the building ,

He built the road,

He is the big dog,

The obnoxious little toad.(28)

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