Kerala : In India,but not in the Akhand Bharat



What Communists could never dare to  suggest,the Nationalists have declared from  each pulpit and every pedestal in the past two days. For the latter ,Kerala is not a part of Akhand Bharat,though nominally it might still  be a part of India.The decision to contest  elections from a constituency in Kerala is being labelled as an act of running away.As if Kerala is not a part of the country !  Irony is obviously lost on these dispensers of certificates of Hindutva when they label  the Waynaad–bound as Rannchhod ,another name for Krishna. Contesting from multiple seats is certainly not a problem,then what is it that so rattles the Right ?


Hindutva  has not yet been able to gain any foothold in Kerala .While the matrilineal system is a bit too progressive ,the demographic picture is a shade too colourful for Right’s  comfort.How does one trust a state with so many migrants ,and hopefuls, to the Gulf  ? Gujjus have displayed good sense to choose US,Canada and Africa.Gulf is just not the right colour, being Darul Islam and all that . Kerala just doesn’t seem to belong . What do you mean by hundred percent literacy anyway ? More importantly ,what do you do with such an army of literates ?


The Right rails against ,and openly flouts  ,  the Supreme Court order on Sabarimala .How  ridiculous is it  to suggest that a  Hindu temple can be run as per the rulings of the Apex Court of India ! But why blame the Right,when the Waynaad-bound’s Centre-left  party is even more duplicitous.They cheered the order in Delhi,but disobey it down South. This must have had something to do with women.Neither India,nor  Akhand Bharat has any patience for them.The ruling party and the main opposition are in agreement over this.


The Right Wing has openly conceded that it is blasphemous for any candidate to aspire for minority votes. Muslims have already been given Pakistan and Bangladesh. Christians should have gone back to England,or must now emigrate to Vatican,or relocate to North-east,or maybe fight elections in Italy  .Likewise,many constituencies where Hindus are in a minority- in the NorthEast ,Malda,Mursheedabad,Barpeta and Kashmir- do not fall in Akhand Bharat .The Right wing earnestly believes that these are  ‘separate electorates’ which must only elect candidates belonging to the minority religions . The loyalties of Hindus vying for  these seats must be viewed with suspicion.Nehruvian Congress,Communists and Socialists never  accepted ‘separate electorates’ for religious minorities in independent India.But the Right has defacto declared them so. I dont quite comprehend this paradox.


Perhaps it is the beef-eating habits of the Keralites that makes the  Right preclude them from Akhand Bharat,or maybe it is their lack of love and sympathy for Hindi . Maybe it is the North-south divide,or the more classical Aryan-Dravidian one . There is special affinity among the Kerala youth to fall prey to love jihad,or ISIS. PFI and Musli League are quite relevant in the state.There is a lot of ‘abharatiyata’ in Kerala.


Or this hostility might just be attributed to feeling of inferiority and inadequacy .Afterall,no leader from the Indian Right has ever dared to contest from Medak,Chikmaglur,Bellary or Waynaad.Even Puri and Banglore South were deemed too risky to attempt.


Rather than truncating the size of Akhand Bharat ,the Nationalists should have tried to expand it by abrogating Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution,and settling non-Kashmiris in the Valley along with the displaced Pandits .They should have furthered the cause of Hindutva by forcing a solution in Ayodhya .Kashi and Mathura have been totally forgotten.Varanasi might be a VIP constituency,but Kashi Vishwanath,world’s most abused shrine, suffers from a state of utter neglect.


The Right even had to halt the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in its tracks to appease its allies in the North-east. Now that there are RIght-wing governments in Assam and Tripura,and sympathetic (but suspect) dispensations in Manipur,Meghalaya,Arunanchal,North-east is an integral part of Akhand Bharat.This Ram Bhakt Sarkar failed to recognise Ram Setu as a National Heritage Monument,despite persistent demands in this regard from that Great Hindu ,Subramanian Swamy.


Of course,the Nationalists announced the severance of West Bengal from Akhand Bharat,even though neither the Communists ,nor the Maa have ever called for independence. The Right’s response to Bengali exclusionism has been to dub them as ‘virtually independent’. This is not politics,rather is juvenile slotting and categorising of a dangerous kind.


This is an apt occasion to remember the infamous  Pak- Visa Vending Minister  from Bihar,who has converted so many Indians into Pakis,that his own constituency might discard him and end up electing  a self-confessed Pakistani and Kashmiri sympathiser .Such politics doesn’t work in the long run.Even if it does for a short period,it causes deep wounds in the heart of the Motherland.


When India needed a genuine Left after the 1930s,we found ourselves saddled with Social Democrats who coopted with the Congress for the sake of crumbs of power.We have been in dire need of  genuine Right ,but are stuck with the anti-beef-bhagwa mandali ,obsessed with Pakistan and ignorant of their own religion .Even the Centre-of-left space ,so vital in a developing country,has been cornered by a dynastic outfit which has no stake in genuine progress.Hindutva cries out for The Right Manifesto, which doesn’t waste its time ,energy and resources on  fringe issues and focuses on economy,national security and external affairs.

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