Liberal Leftists – Full-time Apologists of Global Jihad


SYMPTOMS exhibited by a  Liberal-leftist :

One who gushes at the sight of Hilary Clinton,and gulps at the mention of Merkel is a hardcore left-wing liberal.Their wet dreams comprise of Trudeau and Sanders ,and in their superhero avatars they maim and slay Modi ,Trump and Bibi. Their god was Obama,and they don’t see any irony in #NobelForImran .Xi confounds them,as does Abe .Israel ,for them,stands for everything illiberal about the world order,and must be destroyed. India,which could have satisfied their socialist pangs and secular lust ,has taken a perverse  rightward shift, and hence must be ridiculed at every step.

However since fifth columnists in India are most greedy ,servile and hungry for attention on the planet,there is yet hope. But vile narratives have to be set forth for their Indian variants to promote,and which is why our intellectuals mostly look towards the West for clues and approbation.

India is a frontline state in this battle between the liberal-left and the right.The former have been thoroughly exposed in the US and in Europe.We still give them some benefit of doubt,perhaps because of our obsession with their academic degrees.


WHAT is left-wing liberalism ?

Liberal-leftist is a tag used to describe those high-minded ,self-professed intellectuals who speak from raised pulpits in measured tones and perfect accents ,and look down upon those common folk who are concerned with mundane (bourgeoisie) matters like the destinies of their nations , and preservation of their own ways of life.

Main Stream Media has been under their vice-like grip since time immemorial,and this has helped them in setting the narrative on a host of global issues like global jihad,nuclear proliferation,arms race,climate change,regime changes,insurgencies and economic models.

In the age of social media,they write and share bilious pieces criticizing conventional,conservative logic and mock every policy initiative taken by establishments holding contrarian views.

Technically speaking,being a left-liberal means being in opposition to conservatism,to want a freer and more equal society,to oppose racism and sexism,to work towards greener earth and aim for more sustainable lifestyle,to be against corruption and war,and work towards betterment of lives.A left-wing liberal claims to work for the vulnerable and poor sections of population.

But this is all semantics.They do pay lip service to these causes,but  lately,their most effusive ejaculations have been occuring in spirited defense of global jihad .


HOW Does the Left-Liberal establishment OPERATE ?

Identify a cause.Develop theories around it.Invoke leftist intellectuals of yore to lend credibility to these responses .Embellish them with references of human rights , liberty and  egalitarianism.Peddle this view as mature,sophisticated discourse.Preach on MSM.Share on social media,esp twitter.Nudge lackeys in public sphere to catch drift, and play the role of cheerleaders.This is how the Establishment works.



  1. Liberal left is the biggest votary of Syrian immigration in Europe.Mama Merkel is their heroine ,and opponents like Hungary’s Viktor Orban are sworn enemies for their respective stands on the Muslim immigration.This is the largest land capture by any hoard of invaders ,and can be dubbed as a bloodless revolution.

Every news item  ,related to the problems of assimilation ,is given a perverse twist to somehow justify the actions of immigrants.A sustained campaign by European establishment is in vogue calling for compromises to be made by native Europeans , bordering on downright appeasement.


  1. Iran is to be supported at all costs.Their support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah,Hamas and Houthis is glossed over.Iran is the last hope against a thuggish Israel, and against the Great Satan , USA.
  2. Liberal leftists have solidly stood behind terrorists in Kashmir,Chechnya and Xinjiang. Jihad ,anywhere in the world,is to be described as either local insurgency,freedom struggle or alienation against authoritarian regime .Lack of education,employment opportunities and poverty must be ascribed as underlying reasons.
  3. Israel has to be showcased as a rogue state which stands against all liberal principles .
  4. Erdogen must be treated with kid gloves.He is afterall standing up to the might of  imperial powers like US and Russia.
  5. India,especially its right wing, and Hinduism , is to derided mercilessly .Our polytheism is to be lampooned .Our cultural practices like reverence for cow, idol worship ,and festivals are to be dismissed as buffoonish,and incompatible with modern ,sustainable lifestyle.
  6. Every Indian policy initiative like triple talaq ,move towards Uniform Civil Code , insistence on tough anti-terror laws,population control measures are to be seen as measures of persecution of minorities.
  7. Even globally,left liberals can be seen defending regressive Islamic practices like genital mutiliation,nikal halaala ,multiple marriages and honour killings since they argue that any attempt at reformation would tantamount to interference with Islamic culture.
  8. A self-respecting left-liberal would always laugh off any discussion on  jihad ,a jihadist’s zero sum mindset or admit to anything objectionable mentioned in the Book.Infact ,a true left liberal would go to any extent to justify shocking acts of terrorism like Pulwama,attack on Charlie Hebdo,or even 9/11,somehow sowing doubts by floating conspiracy theories.
  9. Pakistan is the darling of the left liberal establishments (as is Palestine).It is the military arm of Islam,possessor of its Bomb ,a sham democracy and possibly the most modern among Muslim countries.It is an experiment that must not fail.For an Indian left-liberal,the test of his ideological orthodoxy is how shamelessly can he swing the banner of Pakistan (and Kashmiri Muslims).Any olive branch to separatists in the Valley,or peace initiative is applauded with excessive zeal to assuage the inflated egos of Indian decision-makers.
  10. Trump has to be opposed at every step,since he understands the problem of global jihad ,and unchecked Muslim immigration.This is unacceptable to left-libs.
  11. Promote peace, scream say no to war,ignore deaths and destruction caused by jihad if you are a true left liberal.


Left liberals have a major problem with nationalism,the expression of which in any manner ,they  are quick to brand as xenophobia .They feel threatened by it as true nationalism is directly opposed to beliefs in supranational ideologies like Islam,or Marxism (both mutually irreconciliable but LL rallied behind radical Islam after the collapse of Communism).Left-liberals are quick to criticize polytheistic religions in favour of monotheistic faiths as the latter have the strength to take on nationalism .This is the reason behind such intrepid defense of radical Islam.

All this is geared towards one end- defense of radical Islam at all costs. Of course,any self-respecting left-liberal would always be expected to mouth those two hackneyed lines- terrorism has no religion,and citizens of a nation cannot all be associated with terrorism.

With their holier-than-thou manner,and superiority complex ,over-reliance on rationalism and complete disregard for patriotism,left liberals have managed to raise heckles among the educated nationalists everywhere in the world.Yet they control the levers in MSM,SM and academic establishments .Awareness of their designs is required to throw spanner in their works.




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  1. KSB Menon says:

    Brilliant analysis of what the left ‘liberals’really are. A brainwashed lot highly intolerant to any contraeian thinking or ideology while advocating not just tolerance but celebration of everything that is heinous and violent even if it has its roots in religious extremism/fundamentalism of the Muslims.


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