The Left-Liberal Project : Humanise Jihadis,Demonise India

The term Left-liberal is used in the  Indian context .It refers to  fifth columnists who masquerade as secularists, and thrive as members of the Fourth Estate ,centre-left and leftist politicians , and thrive in academics. They betray  an eagerness to humanize terrorists, demonize the Indian state and the Indians,justify Pakistanis, portray Kashmiris as innocent, helpless victims, and consider Upper Caste Hindu Male as the root cause of all evil in India and the world.The following poem exposes their worldview –



Every single terrorist ,

The dying or the dead,

Was full of dreams,

With his parents shared.

Son of a maths teacher,

Apple of his mother’s eyes,

An unemployed science grad,

Now the pride of Paradise. (8)


A lover of Kalashnikov,

Knows the bikes Dhoni drives,

An Afridi fan ,

Sports fake Raybans

On his bluish-green eyes,

Wears faded Levis,

Leather jackets locally made,

For his Facebook updates,

The corner tea-shop was his hangout ,

Before jungles become his hideout. (18)



That Jawan in Khakee

 Anathema to the Left,

Breathing, he stands

For the “oppressive nation-state”,

Dead, he is a statistic

To be played (with).

Broadcast his religion,

Ask caste specific,

Point towards his exploitation

At the levels ethnic/basic,

Portray him as a slave

Of the entitled Upper caste elite,

 An unmotivated robot,

In the state of perma-seize,

Caught in an unjust war

In this endless time freeze . (34)


Everyone have grievances local ,

Terrorists’ guns are quite vocal,

Religion they have none,

A tribal Christian,or a Tamil Hindu if u insist,

Maybe a Shia ,or an Ahamadiya,

A Kashmiri Sunni terrorist does not exist . (40)


Jihad is a conspiracy theory

Peddled by the Right,

Poor Islamists are cornered,

Forced into a fight (for survival).

The religion of peace seeks total Submission,

To ensure that is Left’s sole surviving mission .(46)


Pen tales of genocide,

Paint pictures in red ,

Speak of their harassment 

The situation has turned bad,

In streets and campuses,

Across the nation,

Denied boarding and jobs,

Without hesitation,

Decried for their faith,

Robbed of their rights,

Pit Kashmiris against Indians,

With all your might,

Portray predators as helpless preys,

Fake slogans does this legion raise,

In the name of Marx and Locke,

No surprises , nothing shocks

Anymore ,about these Left-liberal hawks,

Justify by whatever name ,

Insurgency, or Jihad,

Intifada, or fraud,

This is not David taking on Goliath’s might ?

Oppressed are not fighting for their rights. (69)


Demonise the real enemy,

The average Indian Joe,

Saddle him  with unbearable guilt,

Spit fake outrage upon this poor foe ,

Castigate him as a caste Hindu,

Tormentor of Kashmiris,

Hater of Muslims ,

Practioner of Untouchability,

 Beneficiary of class – caste divide,

Denier of opportunity,

A creature to deride.(80)








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