Our vainglorious Enemy is mired  in self love

Of  its Punjabi-Pathan masculinity,

Highly rates its never proven martial skills,

Their guile is almost a matter of  national pride,

Unmatched vileness it considers its strength,

Someday soon ,chickens shall come home to die.


Silly boastfulness about its food habits

Vis a vis the  leafeating Hindustanis,

Bred on the myth of invincibility

Of the Sword of Islam,its just cause,

They wish to believe we’ve been bombed into numbness

Let let them dwell in Wonderland for a few days more.


Openings of over-confidence shall soon appear,

Fissures of false security shall begin to show,

Lull the proud foe into complacency,

Take  ineffective ,imbecile measures,

Beat around the bush-

With wayward gestures that bring no harm ,

Pusillanimous actions which smack of cowardice ,

Let us come across as a nation indecisive,

Counting costs,shirking retaliation,

Suing for peace,cajoling intermediaries ,

Asking for reparations ,praying for normal relations,

Let the neighbour indulge in some self-congratulations.


Playact,bring out your poker face,

Statesman’s shoes,diplomats’ gait,

Let the war cry grow till it reaches a crescendo,

Let sheep,goat,scum clamour for revenge,

Take blows from the Opposition ,meanwhile,

Drop some points on popularity ratings,

Become an object of revulsion ,of ridicule,

Turn the country into one as well,

Tis for best if Left liberals lampoon you for inaction,

Your manhood,virility,effectiveness and education,

This will obfuscate matters, the trap shall be set,

Soon shall arrive the time to put our demons to rest.


Then strike at their hearts,release our pent-up furies,

Our rage ,suppressed for decades,

Shall consume the  Jihadis fully ,

Prohibitive costs must be imposed

On the ‘Believers’  across the border,

Blood must flow in the drains of Lahore,

Smell of napalm should pervade Sialkot’s airs,

Let generals in Pindi quake in their boots,

Line up corpses in Masood Azhar’s seminary,

Dead bodies of young and old, relieved of misery

Take your time,a languorous enemy

Would make a sitting duck of a  target,

If we act,this should be an attack to end all attacks.



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