A Killer Whale Finds Easy Preys in Two Buffoonish Brats


The Koffee episode really exposed Hardik Pandya to the rest of the world,unalloyed,uncensored. But the multitude of women which he boasted of having gone out with,or met at nightclubs and conversed with, must have had an idea about what kind of a crass ,wannabe asshole he is before watching this episode .Hardik might not have even asked them their names,but they surely must have known who he is and what does he do . Hardik might have just liked to see how they ‘moved’,but the females must have heard him talk as well.Yet they didn’t get repelled by him. He doesn’t just come across as an uncouth, uneducated guy ,but someone who is also mighty proud of this fact.As someone who objectifies woman,and tells them to their face.A guy who, horror of horrors ,copy-pastes and forwards same romantic trash messages to multiple women because he claims he feels the same way about all of them.


A couple of these girls even cribbed about this stuff with KL Rahul,and yet played along. They didn’t find Hardik sexist,obnoxious or a threat to their female honour.No one had ever reported Hardik or Rahul prior to the episode,no one accused them even now. No one has been as alarmed as Bhajji after the whole matter snowballed .Geeta Basra (his wife) never felt uncomfortable in Emraan Hashmi’s presence,not even when he smooched her like there gonna be no tomorrow,nor when she got into his bed wearing only her lingerie for cosy scenes. No sir.The serial kisser is a thorough going gentleman.So is this Surd,who,like a goonda, slapped his Indian teammate Sreesanth on live TV. This Surd is a kind of vermin who ,despite being sensitised about race,still called Symmonds a monkey .This rascist,abusive man now claims that he would be scared to have Pandya and Rahul around his wife and daughter.


Why ? Because Hardik told his parents when he lost his virginity ? Or because Rahul always kept a condom in his bag ,and when he found out his father was quietly encouraged it ? Surely it is anti-social to talk about such hush-hush matters with such candour. Let me say this again.Not one woman,not even Esha Gupta,who was named by Karan johar,has ever said anything harsh against the duo,that is no one except Diana Eduljee. Don’t get me wrong.I am not calling these lady friends of players bounty hunters ,or freeloaders .I am sure all of these women,who K Johar gushes about,and Pandya and Rahul boast of,if they really exist, must have tolerated these dim-witted guys,with single point agenda, only because they were enamoured of their sporting capabilities.

Or maybe, by how they move ! Because it matters.


Diana Eduljee doesn’t move at all.She is a killer whale who has waited patiently for years to have her revenge upon the high-headed male cricketers,and their Board functionaries.Ever since the day her four front teeth were knocked out by a quick ball on a matting wicket in a Lala Amarnath’s cricket camp,Diana has resented the disproporationate love and riches that male cricketers are showered with.Despite being women’s captain,when she was not allowed inside the Lords’ Pavilion,her resentment turned into a resolve.She would bide her time and wait for the right time . Out of the blue,Supreme Court appointed her as one of the administrators in the COA to organise BCCI affairs.She has been lending her voice and support to demand higher pay and perks for female cricketers.


When BCCI CEO,Rahul Johri,was accused of sexual misconduct,Diana really came into her own.Johri slipped through her fingers though when the enquiry commission exonerated him of the charges.But Eduljee was not pleased at the findings of the commission ,and this created a lot of bad blood between her and rest of BCCI ,including Vinod Rai.

It was in such a period of turmoil in the Board that the said Koffee With Karan episode got aired. Eduljee was already seething with anger .Vinod Rai was tired of trying to tame the termagant. He didn’t even watch the show but recommended a two match ban,and left it to Eduljee to decide.This is how ,without collecting firsthand information ,he would have come up with the figure of Rs 1 lakh 76 thousand crores.

Tweeterroids clamoured for action against Pandya and Rahul.Feminaziz had smelt blood.The Killer Whale ,seething after defeat on the Johri matter,wholly gulped the duo .This ,despite the fact ,that BCCI legal team refused to indict them for code of conduct on any count.She has ensured they were dropped from the Aussie tour altogether,sent back home and might not be considered for the Kiwi tour as well. Eduljee has had her revenge.She has hit the stars of Indian cricket.She has kicked Vinod Rai’s balls.She has punched BCCI in the face.

Pandya and Rahul might not even play in the World Cup.Hardik is a key player for the team given his all-round skills.The team’s chances at the Cup have taken a big hit,with the current expulsions,and potential long term ban.It has also exposed double standards and rifts in the cricket establishment. Virat Kohli could not have been expected to defend them.Yet his vehemence while criticising them indicates it is their personal Brand values that the players are concerned about.It is beyond me how Hardik and Rahul can feel at home in this team.Rahul, with his education ,might still emerge unharmed,but Hardik Pandya ,who operates a lot more on natural extinct,might find it very hard to play fearlessly and at the same level.

This is not to say that the comments made were not crass,or even cringeworthy.Corpus delicti or Body of the Crime is a concept in Western jurisprudence that suggests that it must be proven that a crime has been committed before someone can be accused of that crime.In this case,what exactly has been the crime of the duo? Who is the victim here ? Has any female even been named ?Did this transgression warrant anything more than a reprimand,and possible ban on future players’ participation in such chat shows. But a ban of a series,or two,or even for six months which might rule them out of the Cup,is a tad too harsh.

One veteran feminist is out to ruin two youngsters’ careers and India’s prospects at the World Cup.Fellow players must also not play to the gallery and must keep their own counsel.Hotstar has removed the episode under pressure from feminazi brigade.Where are we going with such abject surrender ? Supreme Court would do well to decisively intervene in this regard as soon as possible,and not be as reluctant to act as it is on the Temple issue.A playboy has as many rights as a female or a member of LGBTQI,unless everything happens by consent,and no laws are broken.Which is why Pandya has become a test case to save humanity from the falling into the vice-like grip of feminism.

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