It is that time of the year

When players start

Hanging their tennis gears. (3)                        (Delpo,Rafa and many others wont play now)


Yet to unfold is some high value action

On the hard O-TWO,

Passions  run high amid fan factions.(6)


Number One not being at stake,

The battles are not quite  shrill

Between fanboys’ frigates. (9)


As Dr Chandra balances his pride with fears,

He swings it in  reverse,

Then jinxes the Peerless and Nole’s peers. (12)


While  Rafa  battles on  operating tables ,

Sumz is least bothered,

About old warhorses,and new kids from stables.(15)


Nevertheless he will keep his hawk-eyes trained ,

Upon  action on court and  in Crazies ,

Keeping track of GOAT theories however hair-brained. (18)


Heartbroken AK has to , and still shall analyse,

But  with his C-baby out,

Would hope for a Fed-less reprieve.  (21)    (Anyone but Fed,even Nole would do )


Quick on the repartee,rarely off his mark,

AK interjects when he must,

Very  high does he set his own benchmarks !   (24)


HSM cannot help but cast his spells,

If  Rafa cannot be fortified,

Re-rising Nolean tide must be quelled.(27)


Sredan is one famous dad who often goes ballistic,

Sascha’s Indian papa though

Is overmuch sophisticated. (30)


Between Fed,Z and Cilic ,he hedges his bets,

Even Rafa and Nole

Cannot escape his fishing nets. (33)


His love is universal,his pen’s sweep  wide,

Be it the curtain-raisers

Or the many tournaments ,he  summarizes. (36)


Make no mistake ,he is a rabid Fed fanatic,

But in these  times of divide ,

A veritable ascetic. (39)


Meanwhile GeeVee tries to comprehend jinx-mines,

With bliss is overwhelmed

When Roger takes court every time. (42)


Eager to provoke,desperate to not offend,

Some tennis spells he now catches,

Deeper ones yet  fails to understand.(45)


Venkat plays on clay,adorning Roger’s smile,

Vedula ji wants youngsters

TO start walking  last miles. (48)


Prof cannot survive without long sports’ viewing times,

‘I know my tennis’

His only tennis line. (51)


Fed and Rafa ,he traverses both sides,

Depending upon the season’s flavour,

He changes his hides. (54)


RDX prises backhands and rules serves pounce,

With such expert comments,

Wonder how balls do bounce ? (57)


Kev-Theim have some backing,but Isner sans support,

Cilic always a contender,

Like a gazelle Nishi cavorts. (60)


Goldlilocks has a chance to make his daddies proud,

If he doesn’t melt like he does,

Stands separate from the crowd. (63)


Fed has six,Novak has five,

Rafa muppets don’t care,

Who wins this time.(or ever)  (66)


Why The Fuck is WTF not played on clay,

Not a masters nor a Slam,

Why should it matter anyway? (69)













4 Comments Add yours

  1. Venkat says:

    This is fantastic stuff Abhinav… my diwali ended on a perfect note


  2. Somasundaram v says:

    Fantastic. Diwali special…


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