K-Fourth: Spare Us Your Wokeness Please


Till last year, K-Fourth was decried by Wokes for its patriarchial overtones. Now even lesbians want to celebrate it as a matter of right. What does this show? That everyone is a Hindu at heart.The allure of partaking joys of this way of life is irresistible. Karwa Chowth represents the best of Indian folk spirits, which woke feminists just cannot tolerate.
Karwa Chowth rituals entail that only the wife fast for a day (if, and howsoever she can) for the good health and long life of her husband.This is just it . It doesn’t ask anything of the husbands,however much we wish it did . There is no such provision or convention.Neither is this  a shastra-mandated festival. Not many people outside of North India celebrate it in this form .This is by no means a touchstone of your faith in the Sanatan Dharma. These are the basic facts which can’t be contested.
It doesn’t preclude the possibility of a husband fasting for sake of love, longetivity of relationship and good health of his beloved wife , if he wants to, and she expects him to . It is his own free will, and depends upon the strength of a couple’s bond. He might run a marathon if he likes,but conventionally speaking, he is not required to. There are no strict rules if water can, or not, be consumed during the day by the fasting female . Half the females I know , in Rajasthan and in MP, drink water,consume tea and even eat sweets once during the day .Their mother-in-laws ask them to bear only as much as they possibly can. A sick ,or a pregnant woman is positively discouraged from performing the fast . No one ,not family members, priests or dharma gurus or even myths freak you out by issuing warnings to the effect that the husband would die if you don’t fast for his sake. That is not how it works.
So if you have reservations, don’t fast . Who is forcing you to go through the motions?
Why rant through social media posts against it ? Why decry Hindu practices ? Why blame Modi and RSS ,unless you are complete nuts ? Consider that there is no one who cares if either you, individually, or as womenfolk collectively follow these rituals ? If you have the courage of conviction,why not just call the bluff,and do your heart’s bidding.
Is it your husband who forces you to undergo this ‘torture’ as you claim ?
Leave him.This is a fit case for walking out.
Best is, cheat with the rigours of the fast, if you wish him dead. Insincere fasting would surely send him to hell sooner than he thinks. (There is no such scriptural reading, but in your woke hatred, you can feel the joyous anticipation)
Is it your mother-in-law ? Again ,dump your husband if you cant stand her pestilential behaviour.Remember,no husband means no mother-in-law.In India,it comes as a package.
O wannabe feminist lady,if your husband doesn’t want to reciprocate,why not just walk out of your hypocritical marriage of convenience ? Its not unheard of, is it ?
What do you hope to achieve by railing against the so-called regressive Hindu practices ? This is just a folk festival,and has nothing to do with Vedic  religion. Sita, Satyabhama or Gargi must never have celebrated K-fourth.Of course ,it has feudal overtones, but then not everyone is a card carrying feminist or a confirmed anti-Hindu so as to decry every festival or ritual without appreciating the context. The practice can be understood only if we are sympathetic towards conventions ,and not dogmatic ourselves.
The festival just celebrates conjugal love in the most Indian way possible. A wife excitedly dresses up as a bride.She keeps fast (which was not that uncommon a practice even a quarter of century back) for her husband in any fashion and with whatever discipline she can summon . She hobnobs with her female relatives and girlfriends all day as she passes long hours of the fasting day . They crack jokes at the expense of their husbands and break hints about the possibilities of the night. Even the evening puja is a social occasion and not just a couple’s hideout. She arranges a metal sieve to glance at her man in the image of pale,orange moon,that amorous blob, which signifies fertility and high character . The whole ceremony is laden with romance.
I don’t see why should we be running down our own festivals of love, like K-Fourth and Spring Fifth (Vasant Panchami) ,and yet wait like crazies to celebrate and justify Valentine’s Day.
A rebel wife has every right to beat the shit out of her husband who expects her to fast and doesn’t even have kind words to say in return.She should stop this charade if she expects him to fast but he doesn’t oblige .If she feels burdened by her mother-in-laws expectations,she should call her out.But let her not say that the religion as a whole is out to get her.Why should she launch tirade against her fellow-women who want to be happy and enjoy life. Please don’t cut a sorry picture of a shrew.
As for that jackal who finds it impossible to reciprocate ,I ask him if St Valentine was the father of his spouse ? Why is he so receptive towards celebrating V-Day with fanfare but is embarrassed to express any kind of love by fasting on the K-Fourth ? His girth can surely do with a day or a week of abstinence .
Society needs to be wary of these jackals ,in donkey’s hides, who claim to be feminists,which they can’t ever be. Physiology rules them out from being so.They can at best be pro-feminists, and that’s like being a hedgehog while hunting with the hounds.
Happy couples don’t need a special day to enjoy each others’ companionship. But they  should also  not let the virus of ideology come in their way of loving their spouse and being loved in turn .Be like rabbits.Let feminists crib.Let traditionalists ask for more. Eat,or fast. Just let not your passions drop.Make this a night to remember.

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  1. Hahaha Amazing ✌🏻


  2. Somasundaram v says:

    We..South Indians..do celebrate it..as Atlatadiya or Atlataddi…unmarried girls do fast and perform pooja to Gouri matha..to get good husband..and married women for the good health of their husbands…..Day long fast and only after seeing Moon they do take Prasadam..(Mainly Dosaa type item)……..Very good article..well written…


  3. somasundaram vedula says:

    We.South Indians..do celebrate it as Atla Tadia or Atla taddi(AP)..Unmarried girls do perform pooja to Gowrimatha..to get good huasband and married women to the good health of their husbands..Day long fast..pooja..bhajans..and only after seeing the Moon.they do take prasadam(Tiffin..Dosas)……
    ..nice article..well written…..


  4. Somasundaram v says:

    We .South Indians do celebrate it..its called Atlathadia(Atlathaddi)in AP..unmarried girls to get good husband..and married for the good health of their husbands..nice article….


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