Ask not if i wrung the parrot’s neck to make it croak,

Ask why i myself croaked when i could have roared. [2]


Ask not how i ballooned my chest without stretching my pectoral,

Ask how I became a gasbag despite my regurgitations  oral  . [4]


Ask not if silence gripped me first or fear of governance-at-sea,

Ask  if fake promises caught up or sheer incompetence hit me.[6]


Ask not if that  victory  in a blue moon would i manage to repeat,

Ask  if i will ever converse, for all i do is selectively speak.[8]


Ask not if we are safer ,or greater or better than ever,

Ask when I talk of statistics,does my voice quaver ? [10]



Ask not if I would ever do anything for you.

Ask only if you would nevertheless  cheer for me ,on cue.[12]



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