NOT ON AN EQUAL FOOTING-Citizenship (Amendment) Bill ,2016


Bangladesh and Pakistan are the products of Two-nation theory. Quislings belonging to the Congress party  accepted the theory in 1947,which is why they acceded to Partition in the first place .It basically means that West Pakistan and East Pakistan are Muslim countries and no amount of fake claims about practicing secularism in these countries should be-fool us .

As such ,no religious persecution of Muslims in these countries is logically possible,since their raison d’etre is Islam itself,and nothing else . Otherwise how is Bangledesh different from Bengal,Western Punjab from Indian Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunwa from Afghanistan ? What it means is that no Muslim, except the Ahmadiyas who are considered heretics,can be discriminated against in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It can logically be inferred from this that only the Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities  are vulnerable to  persecution  on religious grounds.History has been  witness to this large-scale phenomena .Even these nations don’t dispute the allegations of harassment . Since the Assholes on the Indian side ended up accepting the Two-nation theory,it stands to reason that it is India which must be considered as the Homeland of Hindus who live on either side of the border ,and by that logic anywhere in the world.Where else do they belong ?


If we don’t accept this basic premise,we are essentially rendering Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh stateless.As a matter of concession,we can say that we accepted the Two-Nation Theory in the international fora,but fed the domestic constituencies the bitter pill of secularism.One cant question the vision of the founding fathers.But we have to concede that India is the homeland of all Hindus-Jains-Sikhs, as well as  all Muslims who  chose to stay after Partition,and all Bangladeshi Muslims who came to India before 1971.There cannot be any other way. If not India,what would Hindus call their home ?

Since our ruling elite  accepted that East and West Pakistan are Muslim countries,it automatically is a recognition that India should be welcoming the Hindu minority that resides there,but obviously not the Muslims who chose to stay there( who now have their separate nations,not just one but now two).It is one thing to say that India is secular,which it is,but quite dumb and duplicitious to argue that Pakistan and Bangladesh are as well,when we ourselves caved in to their pernicious logic of TWO-NATION theory.

This is not being communal in any way.Communal was the Partition which is the reason for the creation of a moth-eaten,truncated,mutilated India.
Now if the Citizenship(Amendment) Bill seeks  to grant persecuted Hindus, Indian citizenship,wherein lies the problem ? How can they be treated at par with Muslims across the border ? Hindus who don’t find a place in NRC deserve to be given papers ,and considered Indian citizens.


Bangladesh is not their motherland ,India is.It is blasphemous to suggest that they be treated on a similar footing as those Muslims who migrated for economic reasons ,or worse,were forced out of Bangladesh after 1971 to effect demographic change in India’s  border districts. How can these economic or political migrants be accepted ? Whereas how can we deny the legitimate aspirations of the Hindus who want to return.


That the Hindu population has seen an alarming decline in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh is not in doubt.That India should be doing something about it is beyond question.The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill aims to legitimize illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries belonging to religious groups other than Muslims who came to India before Dec 31,2014 .Out of 40 lakh people whose citizenship is under threat ,30 lakh are Hindus,most of whom are Bangla speaking.10 lakh Bangla-speaking Muslims,most of which are immigrants from Bangladesh are sought to be disenfranchised. This is the bone of contention. If Assam’s religious demography is to be preserved ,there is no way except to disenfranchise these 10 lakh Bangladesis,and embrace 30 lakh Hindu immigrants.This is what the whole NRC exercise is all about.But indigenous groups fear that the Bill would make Assam a dumping ground of Hindu Bangladesis.These are also legitimate fears.

This battle has now moved into a zero-sum game zone.The Centre seems willing to take the risk of incurring some Ahomese ire,but in the process is trying to maintain the demographic balance as well as stand up for the persecuted Hindus in the neighbouring countries.



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