Beautiful termites, painless suicide,
Death is the final act ,then peace abides,
Over time one gets used to hunger pangs,
Euphoria hits high when bullet strikes,
Cultivated self-denial kills desire,
The joy of coitus in pain resides,
Sub-cutaneous burns do not hurt anymore,
The idea of it more than death terrifies . (8)

Anodynes often become addictive,
Psychedelic drugs all doubts dispel,
For compulsive buyers of promises,
What if promised heav’n is worse than hell?
Where no youthful houris with taut breasts serve,
Where preachy elders get on your nerves,
Feared hell might just be a stinking sty,
Where pigs grunt and revel and joyfully cry,
With joyous abandon shall ruckus raise ,
Take me promptly to this helluva place. (18)

Neither power is permanent, nor is pride,
Not even words that one speaks or writes,
Satiate your soul, exist in today,
There’s no tomorrow, there was no yesterday.
There are no remedies for trifle strife,
There is no death like there was no life. (24)

#suicide #termite #death #abide

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