RED DEVILS RISING – On Belgium! (Poem)



Five minutes of slackness,

Japan hammered a brace,

Red Devils lay on an operating table,

Red Trident stuck in their face.(4)


Golden generation, beautiful football,

Hopes buried quite deep,

‘Pretenders’ were bowing out,

Promises ,they could not keep.(8)


Forty minutes to the final whistle,

The Countdown had begun,

Ascending Japan was all charged up,

Bye ,bye O Sweet Belgium! (12)


Roberto Martinez looked drained ,

Odds against were now huge,

Belgium prayed for a miracle,

Somehow the squad regrouped.(16)


This was no ragtag bunch,

A squadron playing team sport,

There was still some time left,

Together we shall take the ‘fort’.(20)


Sustained efforts bore fruit,

A lob-header looped into the goal ,

Vertonghen was the vessel

Through which this belief poured.(24)


Dugout sent in tall Fellaini,

Who headed a cross to level scores,

Relief poured in, returned belief,

The team was displaying mettle! (28)


Every touch began to make sense,

Every pass now materialized,

Everything looked heavenly ordained ,

Normal time would surely suffice.(32)


Courtois(goalie) rolled the ball to Kevin(de Bruyne),

Who ran the sprint of his life,

Sent a long pass to Thomas Munier,

Who waited on the right.(36)


He crossed it in ,and Oh! Lukaku missed,

Or did he, No! the wily fox had dummied (it),

Running in , Chadli stood unmarked ,

A tap- in and ’twas goal,  magic spell was cast.(40)


Earnest Japan was spellbound,

By counterattack verses making rhyming sounds,

Every Intonation carried grace,

Every syllable was in place,

Each touch,every pass,

Left their opponents in daze. (46)


(Quarter final was the prize earned,

Not a prospect the Pommies had yearned (for).)


An own goal set the Brazilians back,

Fear of Fellaini led to kamikaze attack,

Still the Selecao did not surrender,

Somehow kept their sorties up,

The Devils’ Defence was upto it,

Somehow blunted the Jap pluck. (54)


A wall of giants nullified set piece chances,

What did permeate, Courtois warded off advances,

No rhymes now,these blank verses were masculine,

This was the night for Witsel- Kompany to shine.(58)


On a counterattack Lukaku ran like possessed,

For half the field ,till  ‘false nine’ was in sight,

Passed Telestar to gambolling de Bruyne ,

Who took the final goal-ward strike.(62)


Kevin’s  cleat rocket bombarded the site ,

Lukaku fell in relief, the ghost was exorcised,

Then rose up like a Colossus

To celebrate Belgium’s grand night.(66)


Brazil tried and tried but were cruelly denied,

No comeback was in store,no new folklore.

Next foe is France,the semi  will be tight,

These resurgent Belgians are spoiling for fight,

Two wins to go before they lift the Trophy ,

Red Devils have surely earned the right.

Sprightly in counterattacks, solid when they defend,

The Cup is headed to Brussels,all omens do portend.(74)



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