A Just Society

All humans are not born equal.They differ in their physical and mental attributes.These innate differences cant be wished away.

Even when shorn of all social relations and economic wealth,humanity doesn’t start its journey on an equal footing.

Are genes to be blamed for this inequality ?

Far too often we have seen children exhibiting traits picked from their past generations.Some are athletic,some adapt at commerce.Others show capacity to lead,while some exhibit talent to intrigue.

Even if we do away with all sorts of bequests,and preclude the youth from joining their parental professions(which are the two much needed changes in how society should be run) the future of all youth cannot be expected to be similar.Humans have always strived for excellence and their physical and mental differences shall always extend the frontiers of civilisation.There would still be greats ,giants and laggards in the race,but that would only be because of their inborn traits.Society cant ensure everyone is born equal,but can and must strive to root out other disadvantages.There must not be any have-nots at the beginning of a race.

A child who chooses to become an actor or a professional boxer,and if he succeeds at it might end up earning a lot more than an equally hardworking engineer or a teacher.A lifesaver like a doctor might slog all day at work,under extreme stress and yet not earn anywhere near an investment banker.There is far too much inequality between professions.Why should an actor get paid in millions for acting in a film or an advertisement,while a teacher get paid just enough for his subsistence.I dont quite understand why should tennis professionals and cricketers earn astronomical amounts while a farmer gets almost nothing for his produce,and no recognition to speak of.This is a skewed market.This step-motherly treatment meted out to even key professions as defense,agriculture, labour and teaching in favour of glamour,professional sports and business is the basic malaise that has distorted all economic and social relations .I know this veers very uncomfortably around the capitalism versus socialism debate,but then so be it.

This is perhaps what gives rise to corruption in politics and government.There might be many who think that as compared to others ,they dont get fair and just remuneration for their efforts.I am aware that  corruption is not that simply explained ,and there is also moral hole in the soul which makes one indulge in it.But it is also the feeling of injustice and insecurity about their offspring’s future which promotes it.

Once it is made clear that your income doesn’t depend on the choice of profession,rather than persuit of excellence in it,the idea that the progeny is precluded from following their parental livelihoods becomes a lot more tolerable.If there is no platform to launch your son or daughter in films or politics,why hanker after that  platform ?

All professions should be graded equally and there must be a percentile system to distinguish a person’s worth and salary.This must promote excellence .There are many who argue that this might kill human desire to soar high .Such people think very lowly of homo sapiens.Wealth and luxury are not the only values that attract humans.Society evolves values which it intends to promote.It will find a way to salute excellence.

Another key reform that society should consider is to abolish any kind of wealth bequest.A child should get nothing from his parents except his genes and upbringing.I am not sure if Plato’s Academies are the right solution ,but a kid need not rest on his family laurels to get launched  in life.When one knows he cant pass on his wealth In perpetuity,society might see freeing up of resources locked away in bank vaults and lockers.

It would be a simple and just life.Parents need not fret about the continuance of their power or multiplication of wealth for their offsprings.They would then spend it all on themselves and on their kids’ education.They need not force their kids to opt for particular professions because it would not make any difference.They would also not feel the urge to indulge in corrupt practices in search for security of their future generations.Life is here and now.Unfortunately our socio-economic and political systems dont reflect this reality.

These  ideas can only be incorporated if there is  a revolution.

One,the idea that your wealth would not be bequeathed to the progeny –this is not a new idea.Mansabdari system during the Mughal period used to run on similar lines.

Two,children cannot choose the professions of their parents-this might be contested by the proponents of the genetic theory,but they also need to keep in mind how duds and washed up rags are also born to doyens and giants.The two scenerioes shall even out.

Three,all professions should be equally graded in terms of remuneration.Within a profession,one’s salary should be rated as per his or her excellence.



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