A Tank arriveth on the campus,
The VC operates from inside.
Is he a Grenadier,
Or a teacher,
Or just the Grand Meister of
Vedic Sciences,long forgotten,
Long lost.
A single tank might not be enough.
If students decide
To tank exams,to
Defy the perversion-
The weird logic behind the gesture.
A tank to remind you are an Indian,
Why not potholes to confirm you are one.
A Tank chassis on every campus,
A Cannon structure outside every home,
We all are soldiers,
Surrounded on all sides,
Among us he dwells.
Look around,they are easy to spot.
Where is my gun?
I must aim,
Do I even know how to shoot?
A token tank is like a failed Bank.
A model gun is soft pun (or porn).
Bring out your real weapons,
These fake ones will not save Us.
I wish pimps had working tools.
They would not be selling
What should be savoured.
With real fight on hands,
Don’t peddle water-cannons.

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