Wish I could fly like a Mosquito,

With ominous buzz ,intent murderous.

My sight enough to make the Faithless nervous.

Don’t swat me to pulp, keep those zappers away,

All terrorists might be Mosquitoes,

But the reverse does not hold (true). (6)

My name is Male Anopheles,

And I am not a terrorist.

You accuse me of killing millions,

 but remain silent on our holocaust.

How many of us have you lynched

Since Ross came out with his theory ? (12)

Odomos , coils, nets and fumes,

On our face you shut your rooms,

How many squished between your hands,

How many killed by your sweet smoke,

Say Good Night , then go All Out,

How does your conscience even allow? (18)

Strengthen the strongholds,

The fidayeen is a bold

insect whose will  wont be denied,

Might harm you physically

Or just hover around

to ruin your  peace of  mind. (24)

Travel bans cannot ground them,

Repellents cannot turn them away,

Fear of death does not scare,

The little assassins come charging in

by smelling your odour,

Sensing your body heat. (30)

Bred in a drain,

Rested on dung heaps,

Hungry for fresh blood,

Cometh the enemy,

Where shall you hide ?

How shall you turn the tide ? (36)

#flylikeamosquito  #mosquito #maleanopheles #femaleanopheles

#odomos #goodnight #allout #ronaldross

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