(Kashmir Flag)


Stone-pelting is your game,

If soldiers are hit ,

They bleed,you rejoice,

If they shoot you back,

Enjoy promised women of ill-fame. (5)



Stone finds a trooper,

Becomes a boulder,

Else a harmless pebble,

Destined to be kicked ,crushed.

What is the aim ? (10)


Blessed by religion,

Sanctioned by kaum,

This mode of communication,

Shall see you gone,

Brace for the fight

To finish,

If you persist,

Pretensions shall be wiped ,

Jihad shall be overcome,

Idea of India is prized. (25)


Stones might hurt ,

Bullets will pierce you,

Why halaal each other dry ?

What does freedom signify?

Red on khakhi , red on white,

White on red, or orange-green-white ?

Time to choose Colours of Indian Paradise. (32)


**white-on-red=Flag of Kashmir (now abolished)

**O-G-W=Indian Flag

**red-on-white=blood on snow



#bloodonsnow #kashmir #370 #JK #SpecialStatus #indiapakistan


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