My poetic tribute to demonetization,inspired by poor folk who seem surprisingly happy with the decision.

I don’t know history would judge this decision, or how successful would this exercise turn out to be.

Serpentine queues outside banks;

Millions congregate outside

emptied ATMs.  (3)

Shared misery,mocking smiles;

This serves the corrupt, rich right,

blurt out of spite. (6)

They concede there are loopholes,

The plan might be hollow,

But intent does count. (9)

Those who suffer and fight,

Together against common fright,

As a nation rise in might.(12)

The enemy within is listless,

Hitting back on vague pretexts

Trying hard to derail,

The cleansing project,

The vanity drive,

How many shall survive? (18)

Is this an illusion?

A beautiful utopia then,

Vision of the Golden Hen. (21)

#demonetization #namo#paytm #atm

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