Kashmiriyat-What is that Hoax?

Many observers consider PAKISTAN a failed state .


A piece of land parcelled out of a Hindu-majority undivided India having substantial minority population, in order to safeguard Muslim rights,interests  and aspirations. PAKISTAN was basically a submission to a point of view held by Indian Muslims,Congress and the UK that Muslims cannot and will not live in  a country which boasts of a non-Muslim majority.

Pakistan was Jinnah’s tribute to the creed of Jihad, the culmination of a politico-religious theory that propounds “Nation of Islam”. If Jinnah was the high priest of this Muslim Homeland, its legitimacy derived from the concept of millat. Let us not credit one man’s naked ambition for the creation of a  nation.This idea gained roots only because  Islamic teachings favoured it.

If SAUDI Arabia possesses their holy shrines ,Pakistan is the political arm of the Islam. Saudis have oil ,money and religion ,Pakistan has  the Islamic Bomb, and  other means of waging jihad, like  jihadis and training centres.

Since the 1970s ,Sunni Wahabism has gained a lot of currency and it is very natural to expect SAUDI Arabia and PAKISTAN to go all out in their efforts to promote the ‘ cause’.West and India might consider Pakistan a failed state,but considering  the stardards on which it was founded ,it has delivered admirably.



A princely state ruled by a Hindu Raja till 1948 ,who duly signed an Instrument of Accession,merging  his state with Union of India. India awarded ‘Special Status’ to Jammu and Kashmir.

But buoyed by the example of the formation of Pakistan, Kashmiris found it beneath their dignity and against their religious beliefs to remain a part of a  country  ‘apparently’  ruled by  Hindu majority.

Over the years ,through forced exodus,  proxy war supported by Pakistan and local insurgency  ,Kashmir has been purged of almost all its non-Muslim population.

Is this Kashmiriyat ?

Does Kashmiriyat mean that the Paradise (bahisht) of Kashmir solely belongs to Wahabi Sunni Kashmiris ? Does it mean that it is beyond their dignity to coexist in a secular country in harmony with other communities ? Does it just mean Azadi of Kashmir or love for Pakistan, and hatred for INDIANS. Does it imply intolerance of  minorities who lived in the Vale for centuries ?


There are neither historical nor political  justifications in favour of an independent Kashmir. Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir holds more merit than the call for Azadi,howsoever perverse it might sound .There is the  logic of religion to justify it .But an independent Kashmir is unviable ,dangerous and a potential hub for ISIS, Al Qaeda ,or a playground for Chinese domination.None of the above risks can ever be acceptable to India.

Beyond this,circulating all kinds of  misinformed propaganda  about Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat is plain hogwash. Kashmiris slaughtered and  exiled Pandits with impunity . Lets not even discuss JAMHOORIYAT (democracy).

Are Kashmiris repentant even today for what they did to the Pandits ? Are they willing to take them back ?

KASHMIRIYAT translates into stone pelting ,grenade-throwing and advocacy of Wahabi sunnism. How does one distinguish between Palestinians and Kashmiris ?

And Insaniyat ?

Towards stone pelters and sympathisers of jihadis ?Towards those who wish Indians dead ? And those who wish to die and ravish 72 whoories in Jannat?


The same weak,incompetent ,power-hungry Indian elite which  accepted the creation of Pakistan on “religious” or pragmatic grounds, let the problem of Kashmir  fester. For some romantic fools hailing from Kashmir,there might have held some ‘special’ romantic nostalgia attached with the Valley.

But the principle was the same.

If the Home minister has decided to confabulate with ’eminent Muslims’ over this issue,its certainly laudable.This is the government that has the guts to see the problem in its true light.This is a case of radical jihadist Islam expressing itself in another form.We must crush it and establish firm control.Kashmir can only be ruled with armed might and heavy hand .

NO other option is going to work .We can ,of course, keep holding meaningless talks,but we should be very firm in combating terrorism,maintaining AFSPA,and keeping internet and telephones out of  troubled areas. If we follow any other path ,we might see the emergence of another Afghanistan ,or Sudan in the North. India cannot afford that.




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  1. Shravan says:

    Precisely captured the sutuation, please add to it what is the solution to Kashmir issue?
    I believe situation in Kashmir cant get worse than it is now. So NOW is the right time to either abrogate 370 or build townships on govt expense and allocated it to desirous retired defense personnel.
    This is not my original idea but taken from a book by Dr S.Swami.


    1. abpunch says:

      but thats a dangerous idea.we shud get used to the fact that kashmir is a colony and we can only rule it through the barrel of the gun.so why put innocnets in the harms way


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