BLANK – The Actual Block faced by a Wannabe Writer

One might attempt to sound intellectual by claiming to have hit the “writers’ block ”, but is that always the case? Ever so often ,authors encounter situations wherein their brains get frozen,and hands refuse to write further .There comes a time when they can’t conceive a new plot,or fail to resolve a crisis situation in the passage to their creative satisfaction. Many a times, they hint that words had stopped following their thoughts, and it had become impossible to pen down their feeling with any modicum of accuracy.

I do not claim to be suffering from this fashionable, glamorous ailment.
What I rather suffer from is ‘blank’, rather than any ‘block’. For someone who has not written anything substantial, and who has always carried the notion that he had a lot to express, I can’t seem to zero-in on anything worthwhile to write about.It is not that I lack in experiences, or my awareness is of a lesser order than that of poets and poetasters.  It must be the absence of discipline, which according to every writer, is the most crucial trait one has got to possess to make progress in this line of work.

There is a subtle difference between being humble, and self disparaging. One must have a certain ambition ,and always try to keep one’s confidence-level high if one is to write.It  takes  lots of guts and self-belief to put forth one’s written words in public circulation.Them masses are crazy.They are cruel and merciless.They lack in taste.They are your enemies. Sadism is their creed. They are in the judge’s chair by default and consider criticism their sworn duty. Besides a lot is lost in translation, and this hurts proper communication.

Therefore, taking cue from the classical authors ,let me invoke my non-existent Muse,ever helpful with her convenient absence.May she inspire me with her lack of form and features.As for the scope and the ambition of my upcoming journey, its contours cannot yet be defined, everything being totally ‘blank’ for now.

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